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Terms & Conditions

The trading name Skylights Rooflight is registered in Wales and England. The following are our terms and conditions that apply when we supply you with our services or products. 


If you, the customer, accept to deal with us, Skylights Rooflight, you agree to our terms and conditions that are contained on our website. This is to say that if any contract is formed with us, it will be subject to England laws, and in the determination of any disputes, England courts will have jurisdiction exclusively. 


The Order Form and terms herein supersede all agreements, representations, and understandings made between different parties. Neither party involved should limit or exclude liability for any fraudulent misrepresentation. 


Conditional Acceptance of Order

When you purchase any order, it is an indication that you do accept the terms and conditions herein. Anyone who wants to order goods needs to be 18 years and above. Any order you make shall be treated as an offer to buy goods from us and according to the terms and conditions. Our terms and conditions should NOT be amended, supplemented, or altered using other documents (s). If any attempt is made to amend, supplement, or alter these terms and conditions or to order for services or products that are subject to altered or additional terms and conditions will be considered null and void unless there is a written agreement that is signed by both the company and the customer. 


Payment Terms

For production to start, we require full payment. After the payment has been received and cleared, the manufacturing of the order will start. Most of the rooflights we supply are made to order. This means that there is no way to change or cancel the order made when we commence manufacturing. Please refer to our refund policy section for stock rooflights.


We hold the right to make price adjustments to match any price increase on the supplier’s side or when duties and taxes are imposed, or when there is an omission or error in the published price for the goods, regardless of whether the order is confirmed or not. We only process orders after receiving the required bank authorisation from your side. When you are making the order, you must provide the exact contact telephone number and billing address. If the information given is incorrect, it could lead to delays in order processing, and if we happen to dispatch your order to an incorrect address, you may have to deal with a re-delivery charge. 


In case of inaccuracy or error regarding the goods advertised price that has been ordered, we take time to contact you in the shortest time possible via email. We do this to let you know about the correct price for the goods. We also ask you whether you want to continue with the order as amended or do away with the order through cancelation. 


Description of Goods & Tolerances

The products that we deal with are technical and, therefore, it is not practical for us to publish any detailed specifications regarding all the products. All we can do is provide material data sheets on our website if applicable. All the advertising, specifications, descriptive matter, and images on this website are meant to give the most appropriate goods description, and they should be treated as a guide. We are not responsible for work preparation that is based on the specifications. We work hard to ensure that all the product descriptions are right, but you may notice some colour deviance and size tolerance deviances while production is being done. These are considered acceptable industry standards and manufacturing tolerances. We work hard to make sure that the products are provided in accordance with the requirements that you have. However, it is up to you to ensure that the specifications are met and employ a professional where needed or possible- a building contractor or architect. 


Our company reserves the right to make slight changes to our products to similar products if we don’t have the original one in stock. We shall use all reasonable endeavours to let you know when the substitution is done.


According to the 2014 consumer contracts regulations, it is clearly stated that goods supplied after being made according to the specifications of the consumer or are personalised should not be subject to the regulations. Some of our products and services are bespoke, and this means that once an order has been placed and manufacturing commenced, cancellation may not be requested. The consumers have all the rights to get an exchange or a full refund within a fortnight from the date of sale of all the product in question that was not made to order. 


Defects, Delivery, Damaged Goods, or Non-Delivery 

The customer must notify us in writing should there be any damage on the day the delivery is made. If we do not receive any damage notification on the delivery date, your claim cannot be accepted. Failure to make a notification means that you agree to indemnify us of losses suffered because of failing to notify us in good time and within the set timeframe. The delivery driver arrives alone. This means that you should have enough labour on-site to help offload your product. 


If there is an item that is damaged on delivery, you should note that item within the delivery paperwork and ensure that you contact us with the needed details in full. You should not refuse the whole delivery unless all the items within your order are defective or damaged. This warranty does not cover installation, labour costs, or any other costs that you might incur.


We advise our customers against scheduling other building works or trades until they safely receive their product on the site. If any losses arise due to this, we will not be liable to make up in the form of compensation. 


Skylights Rooflight STOCK Units Returns Policy

At Skylights Roofing, we promise to deliver the best quality premium skylights. If you feel that you are not satisfied with the skylights that have been delivered to you, we can accept a refund based on the given below. You have to adhere to the return policy outlined below for confirmed stock sizes only:

Within 14 days of purchasing with us, the following items can be returned:

  • Any defective rooflights
  • Any stock rooflights that are still within the original packaging and have not yet been removed
  • Uninstalled stock rooflights

You mustn't book any equipment or trades before you receive and inspect products from us for any defects that may be present. 

Before placing your order, you must ensure that the correct rooflight size has been chosen and that consultations with the installer have been made to verify this. 


If there is a need for restocking, then a restocking fee of 35% will be applicable on the returned skylights. The original shipping cost will not b refunded. The only exception to this rule is when the skylights happen to be defective. 


Skylights Rooflight will not be responsible for costs because of installation of defective or wrong parts or any late delivery. If the item returned was not defective, the original delivery fee will be applied and deducted from the refund amount. If you receive the shipment and it looks damaged, it is important to inspect your package first and do it thoroughly. If the contents do appear damaged, do not accept the shipment. We will do everything possible to have a new order sent to you. The return postage fees are the customer’s responsibility. Returned items refunds are usually processed within 14 days or two weeks. 

The refunds are usually processed within ten working days after the returned units get to our warehouse. 



Any claims made under warranty need to be made to us directly. A copy of the invoice and a delivery note should be provided. 


Limitation of Liability

The company shall not have liability in any way and under no circumstances for: 

  1. any defects that happen as a result of accidents, wear and tear, use by the customer, or improper use by the customer except and in accordance with the advice or instructions of the company; 
  2. any product that has been repaired, modified, or adjusted except by our company;
  3. product suitability for a particular use or purpose under very specific conditions, whether the conditions or purpose were communicated or known by the company or not;
  4. any component or material substitution by the customer that does not form a part of any product specification unless the company in writing agrees upon such a substitution;
  5. any figures, specifications, illustrations, and descriptions regarding drawings, performance, and particulars of dimensions and weights are contained in the catalogues of the company, in the pricelists, or elsewhere because their main intention is the representation of general ideas of our products and should, therefore, not be treated as a representation or a part of these terms and conditions;
  6. any advice, statements, recommendations, or technical information that the company, its agents furnish, that are not in writing in response to specific written requests that customers send in before the order has been accepted; or
  7. any disparities in the dimensions or quantities of any product or any changes of specifications or substitution of components or materials, if the substitution or the variation does not affect the subject matter characteristics materially, and the substituted components or materials are of a quality that is superior or equal to those that are specified originally.
  8. Glass breakages after delivery are not covered under warranty.

The company will not be liable to customers for damage or loss of any kind arising from breach of any implied or express condition or warrant of these terms or any breach of statutory duty, negligence, or any other duty on the company’s part or in any way in or out of connection with purported performance or performance of or the failure to perform as laid out in these terms except: 

  1. personal injury or death that is a result of the company’s negligence; or
  2. as stated expressly in these terms and conditions

Under no circumstances shall the company’s liability to the customer as laid out in these terms and conditions exceed the product’s invoice value. 


Website Disclaimer

The information that is contained on our website is meant for purposes of general information only. We strive to ensure that the information herein is correct and up to date. Still, we make no warranties or representations of any kind, whether implied or express, regarding the availability, suitability, reliability, accuracy, and completeness of our website or services, products, information, or related graphics contained within our website for any purpose. If you place any reliance on the information contained herein, you strictly do so at your own risk. We do everything possible to ensure that the website runs smoothly. 


Data Protection Act

Skylights Rooflight company complies with the rules set by the data protection act. The information that you give to us will be used only when it is necessary to pass to any third parties to process orders that you place. Payments can be made on a secure site online. Your credit card details are not held for purposes of future transactions. We can use the information you provide to us from time to time when we want to contact you for marketing purposes. The information we get from you can also be used to help us customise our website to match your interests.