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Cookies Policy

What kind of personal information does Skylights Roofing collect about our customers?

We collect customer personal information to continually improve and provide our services. 

The types of information that we gather are:

  • What you give us: This is information provided to us when you are making enquiries and placing orders. This information is only stored for personal use and is not disclosed to third parties. When we receive it, we store it. 
  • Automatic information: This is what we receive automatically. We store some information when you visit our website. This includes how you interact and use our content. We use unique identifiers such as cookies, and we also get some types of information when your device or web browser accesses our webpage and the content that we serve. 


Purposes for skylights roofing processing your personal information

Your personal information is processed to provide, operate, and improve our customers' services. The purposes include:

  • Complying with the legal obligations: There are instances when we are legally obligated to collect and then process your information.
  • Communication: Personal information is used to help us communicate with you through channels like chat, email, and phone. 
  • Advertising: Your personal information is used to display interest-based ads for services, products, and features that may interest you. 
  • Credit risks and fraud prevention: Your personal information is processed to detect and prevent abuse and fraud and protect our customers’ security. Scoring methods are also used to manage and assess credit risks. 
  • Seeking your consent: There are instances when we may ask for consent to process personal information for various purposes. When you give us consent for a specific purpose, you are free to withdraw the consent. When consent is withdrawn, we stop processing your data for your consented purpose. 



Cookies help us distinguish our users from each other and use them on our website. With these, we can provide you with the best experience as you browse, and it also helps us improve the website. 

Cookies can be defined as small numbers and letters files stored on your computer hard drive or browser only when you agree. The cookies bear information that is then transferred to your hard drive. 

It is possible to refuse some or all browser cookies or get alerts when websites try to access or set cookies. It is important to note that if you refuse or disable cookies, some parts of our website may not function well or become inaccessible. 


Personal Information

Customer information is very important to our business. We don't sell your personal information to anyone. Your personal information is not shared with third parties either. It is solely for our use. 


How secure is your information?

Our systems are designed with your privacy and security in mind. 

  • We use the SSL (secure sockets layer) software to uphold information security during transmission. SSL encrypts the information that you input. 
  • We maintain procedural, electronic, and physical safeguards connected with personal information storage, collection, and disclosure. We have security procedures in place, and we may request some identify proof occasionally before disclosing personal information. 
  • We have security features set up in our devices to protect against data loss and unauthorised access. These features can be controlled and configured to match your needs. 

Should you have any objections or questions regarding how we process and collect personal information, you can contact the customer care team.

  • When you do not wish to receive emails or any other form of communication from us, unsubscribing is allowed. 
  • Most devices and browsers have help features to show you how to keep your device or browsers from accepting any new cookies, get notifications about new cookies, and how cookies can be disabled completely. 
  • Cookies can be disabled in the browser if you wish to browse our websites anonymously. 
  • During the times you consent to personal information processing for a certain purpose, the consent can be withdrawn when you want, and we will not process your data any further for that particular purpose. 

Based on the applicable law, you can delete, correct, or request access to your personal data. You also have a right to stop us from processing your data or request that your personal data processing be restricted in some circumstances. If you want to do any of the things mentioned here, please get in touch with our customer care service team. 


How Long is your personal information kept?

Your personal information is kept ensuring that you can continue using our services. The personal information is kept for the time required to fulfil any relevant purposes described within this privacy notice, or as required by the law, such as for accounting and tax purposes, or as communicated to you by us. 

For any queries, please contact us for more information or clarification.